This is your youngster's first prologue to code, and what preferred approach to teach them over by allowing them to assemble things they love to play - games!
In this course, we transform game players into game creators, while building the logical foundations of programming and software development. Students will utilize Scratch, a visual programming apparatus from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that makes it incredibly simple and a good time for primary and middle school students to figure out how to code.
The course will cover the topics of programming fundamentals, game physics, collision detections, and basic programming language and algorithms. They will also learn about the game and level design.
After the course, your child will understand the basics of computer programming and will be able to build their games. The course caters to absolute beginners and kids from grades 1-4. It does not require prior coding knowledge and kids can learn programming from scratch. A little bit of creativity and a hint of curiosity is all that is required to get into this course.

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